50 years building composites for the worlds toughest conditions and customers



Wild Oats XI

Mark Richards, Skipper

“It’s a freak of a boat, you just don’t get 10-year-old boats in our sport even being competitive, so it’s just a freak to still do what it’s doing”

Deepsea Challenge

James Cameron

“They came up with incredibly innovative solutions to the problems.... they sought new techniques, things that had never been done before” continued Cameron. “I owe myself, my safety in their hands and I trusted them, when they bolted the hatch closed and I descended, I knew the vehicle was right, it was well designed and well executed...I could not be prouder of this team, they made history” said Cameron."

Finn n53

Clint Clemens

“I couldn't be more pleased with the design and the build. The team at McConaghy really embraced the project during the build and really supported the boat through delivery and commissioning. The boat fulfils all my vision for the project in
terms of handling and superb performance. The team definitely broughttheir composite and race boat skills to Finn."