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Esimit Europa II is one of the fastest and technologically most advanced sailing yachts in the world with a maximum speed over 38 knots.


Built for Neville Crichton, launched as Alfa Romeo II, and now renamed Esimit Europa 2, she has taken line honours in every race attended.


When launched she was the world's first CBTF (Canting Ballast Twin Foil) super maxi. She was a quantum leap in the high-technology world of modern ocean racing yachts.


She features a 44 m carbon fibre mast built by Southern Spars, water ballast, and a canting keel. Many of the boat's systems are operated via PLCs, automatically stepping up engine speed as power is required to operate the hydraulic ram actuating the canting keel, or disengaging the propeller when it is retracted into the hull to reduce drag.


Esimit Europa II GALLERY

Esimit Europa 2 01
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Esimit Europa 2 formely Alfa Romeo 2 01
Esimit Europa 2 formely Alfa Romeo 2 02
Esimit Europa 2 formely Alfa Romeo 2 03
Esimit Europa 2 formely Alfa Romeo 2 04
Esimit Europa 2 formely Alfa Romeo 2 05





30m (98.5ft) 


Reichel Pugh


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