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Farr Yacht Design has created a FAST 40+ design to challenge the growing fleet. Starting from a blank slate, design 801 is a FAST 40+ created with advanced tools, to create an innovative design that is optimised for the UK class circuit.  Each component and parameter of the design is balanced within the rest of the total design package to produce the best overall performance in the expected racing conditions and format. This design is optimized to the newly finalized 2017 FAST 40+ class rule and Solent conditions. The refined, high stability/low drag hull shape is integrated with advanced deck and structural design.

Farr Yacht Design has approached the creation of a FAST 40+ with a fresh look at every element of the boat, leaving no stone unturned. Design 801 combines cutting-edge research with countless innovations and refinement in all portions of the boat.

The hull form developed for this design has been crafted from the ground up to reflect the specific requirements of the FAST 40+ rule and the conditions anticipated for a Solent-focused event schedule. The shape itself is the product of an extensive computational fluid dynamic based optimisation study using state-of-the-art Integrated Design-space Exploration and Optimisation System (IDEOS) that automates a suite of in-house simulation and performance prediction resources. The IDEOS system allows us to complete an automated exploration of the design space through the evaluation of hundreds of design variants.

Far Yacht Design studies of crew position have been central to the deck development. The deck edge carries its beam very far forward to maintain the highest possible crew hiking moment while also allowing the crew weight to maintain ideal fore/aft trim when sailing upwind. The open cockpit, centralized pit work station and deck geometry maximize efficient handling with minimized weight, windage and pitch gyradius. It takes an aggressive approach to maximize the benefit of moving crew weight both longitudinally and transversely.

A large focus of the appendage development for this class is maintaining the ability to hold lanes off the start and achieve an exceptional high mode to maximize tactical benefits. This will be particularly important in the larger and tighter fleets expected in 2017 and meets a general emphasis on upwind performance. To achieve these goals Farr have designed a unique foil section using advanced proprietary inverse foil design methods.


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EARLY 2017

We are working together with FARR to release a full specification and details in early 2017, but if you cant wait, feel free to email us or contact your nearest dealer