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The relationship between Dubois Naval Architects and McConaghy is close and longstanding.  Our first ever collaboration, 39ft Once More Dear Friends, which launched in 1981, was the first big composite yacht that McConaghy ever built. For the yard, this landmark project was a key milestone in 45+ years of building performance-focused composite yachts.


In 2004 came the 90ft innovative canting keel Genuine Risk. 


“When we built Genuine Risk we were working very closely with Ed and his team because her design was so advanced for the time she wasn’t a straightforward project, and a great deal of development work had to happen,” said Jono Morris, Director at McConaghy Boats. “A lot of the project was challenging, both for the design team and for us working out how to execute the construction of those ideas, but the results were well worth it.”


On her launch, Genuine Risk helped to set the bar for yachts of her class and further reinforced Dubois’ reputation for designing high-performance race yachts and reading the future direction of the market.


“There were other boats heading the same way as Genuine Risk but she took everything to the next level of development, which had its influence on the market as a whole and helped to break new ground in every area,” said Morris.


The build of Genuine Risk also played an important role in the evolution of the performance superyachts that are so popular with regatta- loving owners today. The owner of Genuine Risk also had a Dubois superyacht, and he was instrumental in the development of performance superyachts and ensuring that the technology of the race market was being utilised by large yachts.



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27.4m (90ft)



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