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Designed by DSS-creator Hugh Welbourn, the Infiniti 46 is an uncompromised carbon fibre racing yacht principally for coastal and offshore events. It is available with fixed keel or canting keel/single daggerboard options to complement its lateral DSS foils.


The first Infiniti 46, fitted with a canting keel, is due for launch shortly. Her British owner has a race schedule planned that includes the world’s ‘classic 600 milers’ such as the Rolex Sydney Hobart and the Fastnet Race. The canting keel provides even more righting moment and stability, enabling the boat to be raced competitively with a crew of just six. But this is just one example; the format and equipping of the Infiniti 46 can be tailored to fit an owner’s race program exactly.

Of the deal with McConaghy, Hugh Welbourn commented:  “We are delighted to be working with an established industry-leading company for the Infiniti 46 production build, and know that our innovative DSS project can only benefit from their years of race boat building experience.”


INFINITI46 Gallery

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The Infiniti 46 R is the latest model in Infiniti Yachts’ range of DSS-powered yachts. The 46 is a state-of-the-art racing yacht designed and engineered for competing in coastal and offshore events with a crew of just six or seven — far fewer than typically required on a yacht of this size.

The first Infiniti 46 R has been developed for an owner whose aim is principally the ‘Classic 600 mile’ races  such as the Rolex Sydney Hobart, Fastnet Race, Middle Sea Race, Newport-Bermuda plus transatlantic races.

In addition to the twin DSS foil system, the Infiniti 46 R is available with either fixed keel or a canting keel/single canard options, depending upon owner’s preferences.

Spars & Standing Rigging

  • The mast is a Ultra High Modulus Carbon section, deck stepped, twin spreader from Axxon Composites.

  • The composite standing rigging and twin topmast backstays are from Future Fibres with halyard locks and furling systems from Karver.

  • The boom comprises a carbon box boom, set up for three reefs with a single line reefing system that is easily removed. The reef lines are all locked with constrictors to reduce compression.

  • Where possible and practical, metal fittings have been replaced by lashings or dogbones.

  • Headstay tension is measured via a custom load sensor from Diverse Yacht Systems.

  • The rig has two masthead halyards, one main halyard, one fractional halyard and one staysail halyard - all on locks. The genoa halyard is not on a lock.

  • The mast has an external mast jack; an internal mast jack is available as an option.

  • The vang is hydraulic from Cariboni as is the traveller, keeping the deck clear and allowing push button control.

  • The mast is controlled by twin topmast backstays via a deflector and a 3:1 purchase.

  • All running rigging is Dyneema, either SK78 or SK90.







Gurit pre-preg carbon fibre with Gurit M-Foam core

Carbon Fibre Rig

Deck: Awlgrip 2000 marine urethane white



PRICE (Ex Factory)

Canting Keel

Fixed Keel