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The Infiniti 53, a new 53 foot canting keelboat suited for exceptional performance both offshore and inshore. The new yacht will feature a canting keel, gybing centerline daggerboard and leverages the dramatic performance advantages available through the DSS system.


The design intends to revolutionize the performance of yachts in the mid-50 foot range. It will be the first Farr-designed boat featuring DSS foils.


INFINITI53 Gallery

Infinity 53 Render 05
Infinity 53 Render 03
Infinity 53 Render 04
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Infinity 53 Render 01
Infinity 46R 16
Infinity 46R 12

Hull/Deck Construction Details

The Infiniti 53 has been specifically designed to be a robust offshore-capable yacht with an ergonomic deck layout and interior. The yacht is a similar beam-to-draft ratio as a typical TP52. It is a balanced design capable of excellent performance in a wide range of conditions.  A displacement of  ~7300 kg is lighter for its length than a TP52.  The construction specifications are not so aggressively light as to incur significant construction costs or impose dramatic rating penalties.

Interior Layout

The interior is a fully functional racing layout.  The lightweight galley is just forward of the companionway, and designed to be used underway.  The partially enclosed head is located just forward of the galley, beyond the mast bulkhead.

Under the cockpit there is a dedicated navigation station, which rotates about the centreline to allow the navigator to always sit to windward.  There are five pipe berths on either side of the yacht to allow the off watch to distribute their weight effectively.

Deck Gear

The yacht is designed to perform exceptionally well in IRC offshore races. The deck geometry includes a low aspect, chiselled house designed to deflect green water. The deck layout is a modern, Grand Prix arrangement designed to allow ergonomically optimized access to all sail controls.  

Twin driven Harken pedestals, one placed aft of the traveller, are used to power the mainsheet and primary winches as well as one of the pit winches.  The winch package features carbon fibre Harken 65s all around, except for the primary winches, which are carbon fibre Harken 990s.  The hardware arrangement offers a large amount of flexibility that is very useful during sail handling manoeuvres.    

In addition to being able to power any of the driven winches, the aft pedestal also drives a rotary pump to power the sailing hydraulics.  This pump can also serve as a backup power source for canting the keel.  The use of   hydraulics for certain sailing functions reduces the amount of line in the cockpit and allows for very precise and easy adjustment.







Gurit pre-preg carbon fibre with Gurit M-Foam core

Carbon Fibre Rig

Deck: Awlgrip 2000 marine urethane white



PRICE (Ex Factory)

Canting Keel

Fixed Keel