The Rose Bay Marina project was inspired by vision of creating something that would reflect the beauty of the yachts that would be berthed there. The client and architects Allan Jack + Cottier wanted to take a fresh look at the service features of the service pedestals and gangways so enlisted the help of McConaghy Composite Solutions.


Analyzing the basic functionality of the fittings of the service pedestals McConaghy developed various prototypes for the client. The final shape of the Carbon Fibre pedestals were influenced by the limited bending radius of the heavy cabling which they had to house.


McConaghy are also responsible for the gangways balustrades, the "liquid" sculpture were crafted from stainless steel by their full time metal work engineers.


Roasebay Marina Ganway 06
Roasebay Marina Ganway 07
Roasebay Marina Ganway 05
Roasebay Marina Ganway 03
Roasebay Marina Ganway 04
Roasebay Marina Ganway 01
Roasebay Marina Ganway 02