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Building the next generation of multihulls. The McConaghy range of 52’ to 90' catamarans set a new standard for high performance cruising catamarans.


McConaghy Multihull Range

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Speed and comfort, with panoramic views
The perfect balance between speed and comfort, the MC55 will build on the very successful launch of the MC50 and MC60
Combining the style and experience of our sail boats with luxury, the power cat will make a statement
Luxury expected on a super yacht, the sixty is made to impress even the most elegant of owners
Based on the MC60, with increased internal volume and up to 6 cabins with crew.
Luxury expected on a super yacht, the MC77 is made to impress even the most elegant of owners
In the development stages, we are working towards releasing this beauty in 2017
90ft of purebred excitment, this luxury yacht is made to go fast
MC² 60
The MC² 60 is a beautifully simple performance cruiser, built with a high quality it focus lies in light weight high speed sailing
FINN 53ft
The 53ft was built to provide the future of open water sailing
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