Retractable Propulsion Unit


In 2002 McConaghy Boats designed, developed and installed a retractable propulsion unit for its race winning maxi yachts to reduce the friction drag of  folding props, shafts and P brackets. This unit retracts completely flush to the designed hull shape removing the sailing drag experienced by the other traditional propulsion arrangements.


Continuing progress in design during the initial years, McConaghy Boats now produces an extremely light-weight and reliable performance-orientated piece of equipment necessary for the serious grand-prix racer.


The expertise of McConaghy Boats is included in every drive unit and we can provide the production version for 40 to 70ft or deliver a custom-built solution to your project.

Retractable Propulsion Gallery

McConaghy Retractable Propulsion Unit 05
McConaghy Retractable Propulsion Unit 03
McConaghy Retractable Propulsion Unit 04
McConaghy Retractable Propulsion Unit 01
McConaghy Retractable Propulsion Unit 02
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