The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal opened in 2013 providing a gateway to and from Hong Kong for cruise liners. The new terminal was styled by world famous architect, Lord Foster of Foster + Partners.


McConaghy Composite Solutions were contracted by the consulting firm BMT Asia Pacific, to provide composite expertise and turn-key supply of the nearly 500m² composite Radome, which was mated with a support platform and harbour control radar system.. The Radome, the largest composite structure in Hong Kong towers 30 metres above the Kai Tak Terminal.


McConaghy provided:


• Engineering design of structure to stringent typhoon conditions

• Design & fabrication of twin molds

• Lamination of twin GRP "egg shell" structures

• Integration and mating of steel support structure

• Form & finishing of final egg structure

• Provision of access ladders, lightning conductors & aviation lights


Kai Tak Radome 01
Kai Tak Radome 02
Kai Tak Radome 03
Kai Tak Radome 04
Kai Tak Radome 05
Kai Tak Radome 06
Kai Tak Radome 07
Kai Tak Radome 08
Kai Tak Radome 09
Kai Tak Radome 10
Kai Tak Radome 11

Extensive R&D was undertaken into radio frequencies and permeability through various composite material options by BMT & McConaghy. The radome was resin infused using a fire rated system, it was constructed into two hemispheres and joined around its equator.


The project also entailed significant challenges that McConaghy needed to make sure were met, it was important that the the radome was aesthetic pleasing but was a structure of significant strength and light enough that permitted a single lift installation.


BMT Asia Pacific were pleased with the assistance that they received from McConaghy "We were well supported by the

project management team in developing and pursuing a build strategy that met the key challenges within the time constraints of the terminal's construction. We found the team eager to embrace the challenges of this unusual project and the final outcome, recently installed on site, looks set to be a new landmark on Hong Kong's harbour." said Richard D Colwill, BMT Asia Pacific Managing Director "We would not hesitate to recommend McConaghy for projects of a similar nature, and indeed look forward to working with them ourselves should we identify future opportunities requiring such expertise."