Composite Tubing

Not all carbon fibre tube is created equally.


All carbon fibre tube is produced by wrapping carbon material around a mandrel and that’s where the similarities end. The defining factors are the format of carbon fibre and the resin system used. How they are combined is the difference between strong, light and dependable or not.


• McConaghy utilize a unidirectional pre- impregnated carbon fibre tape system – the best in the business.

• Carbon fibre manufactured unidirectional tape provides excellent fibre alignment and fibre volume fractions, which means that each carbon fibre filament is perfectly aligned and in the correct volume giving exceptional strength and durability.

• Pre-impregnated unidirectional tape with high viscosity epoxy resin is the strongest available providing the most desirable strength to weight ratio available.

• Engineered and built to design specifications, McConaghy carbon fibre tube is light weight while providing exceptional strength and durability characteristics.

• Every McConaghy Carbon Fibre Tube is temperature and pressure cured.

Available in varying lengths, diameters and thicknesses, McConaghy tube is used in a wide array of marine and non-marine applications.