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We have been producing some of the world's best composite production boats and dinghies for decades. We deliver high quality products at a competitive price on time to all of our build partners. We are committed to putting our clients first, and solving problems. 

Our world class facilities comprise high-tech, modern machinery, including robotics, to create what ever composite product our clients desire no matter how complicated. We take on the challenges that others are unable to, and we are committed to getting the job done.


To talk to us about manufacturing your product please contact us now.

Or click on any of the pictures below to go to our partners websites for information on their products.


We manufacture and partner with some of the worlds leading brands. Our decades of composite experience, high quality standards, and robotic production processes are unmatched in the industry. This is a growing business and we welcome enquiry from partners that require high quality builds and  highly efficient production.

Current Build Partners and <25ft Projects

Mach 2 Foiling Moth
Waszp Foiling Moth
Elliot 6
Elliot 7
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